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the Q&A questions and answers for 500 follows. i love you guys so much! thank you!

Q&A for 500

there were so many AMAZING questions, so i did them all! if you have any questions for me, comment them and i will tag you and answer them. here we go!

from @wrenwrites :

what's your favorite animallllll?? and why? -Uhhhh. That would have to be. Uhm. I don’t know! I love animals so much!

what are some of your favorite pieces on commafuL?? -Oh that is really, really, tough. Everyone is so damn good, I couldn’t possibly pick. But some of my favorite people to read works from are @shadowdream, @in @enchantedink and all my friends!

do you watch tv a lot? what are some of your favorite shows/movies? - I don’t watch TV that often, if I’m being honest, but I do enjoy watching Blood and Treasure, American Pickers, Forged in Fire, and I love Josh Gates Tonight. I think it’s so funny!

what type of music do you listen to? - Whoa. That’s a loaded Question. So I listen to almost everything, but my FAVORITES are Heavy Metal and Rock and Roll, Country music, 90’s rap and R&B, 90’s pop and modern pop (there is DEFININELY a difference) Bagpipes/Celtic , and electric Violin (like Lindsey Stirling. LOVE her)

what normal aspect of life is significant for you? like for example, music is normal, and to some it's just music, but i always have a deep connection with songs, they're special to me, what's like that for you? - I’d have to agree. Music I how I express life. If you look back in my posts, there’s quite a bit of music, and I am listening to music a lot. I’m actually listening to Kelly Clarkson’s song “People Like Us” right now!

do you enjoy being home or would you rather go out? - I love going out, but I do not have money or friends, so I stay home all the time.

what mannerisms or characteristics do you find really endearing in a person? -Well, obviously honestly, humor, and can stand my craziness. I love weirdos. -But if you are talking relationships, I like people who can laugh at me and with me, who tell me im not too crazy to be loved, and who is honest and maybe a little crazy too.

from @shadowdream :

What inspires you to write and who inspires you to write? - Ooh. Me likey this one. Uhm. Id have to say music, emotions, memories, and more often than not, my dreams and the people I know. There’s inspiration everywhere, you’ve just got to find a way to harness it.

if you have any more questions, feel free to ask! thanks!

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