Praying For You (a collection)
Praying For You

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new_name_pendin Wishing for my Hot Girl Summer.....
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a collection of prayer poems for those i have recently prayed for.

Praying For You (a collection)

i think we are all praying for people right now, and im praying for quite a few people. im going to write a poem for each of them. (each slide is a new poem) thanks!

darling, i know it's hard, but you shine like a star keep wishing on the moon things will look up soon. the lord uses the Stars to shine the way to your heart. So follow the Lord's Stars.

I dont know you kiddo but im still praying for you. and i hope things get better soon and i hope God works His power for you too.

Sometimes i hate you, and i don't like what you do. but the Lord loved his enemies and friends alike and i'll still care at the end of the night. I pray you move on soon, and i pray God gives you happiness too.

i pray the lord gives you compassion, and a bigger brain too to all of you politicians i hope you realize what you've been missing Lord, regain their souls. and I think their hearts have some holes.

and also for all the rest may the Lord give you the best. I pray that life gets great, and you get to get out of the hate. ya'll are all the rage. keep owning life as your stage.

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