Personal #2 (?) Cut me a Break, and a question for y'all?
Personal #2 (?)

Cut me a Break, and a question for y'all? help stories

new_name_pendin Wishing for my Hot Girl Summer.....
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personal! music, self confidence, and religion mentioned!

Personal #2 (?) Cut me a Break, and a question for y'all?

so here's a song i recently wrote. its a christian rock song. its called "Cut Me a Break". i dont know if id be able to perform it. im really not confident in my musical abilities, even if im good at it. tell me what yall think? (then i have another question at the end)

[quiet beginning] I am down. Down on my knees Every single morning and before I fall sleep. Lord, you rescued me. But everything right now is more than I need.

I’ve been praying, oh I’m prayin’. And I’ve been looking up to you, And I need you, oh how I need you, Lord I know you’re still listenin’!

((chorus)) [loud, and energetic] And I’ve been crying out to you. Just give me a sign. I’m dying down here; my mind is on the line. Just cut me a break, LORD Just cut me a break And no matter what, my heart is always for you, but my mind ain’t convinced, and I’m living in pain,

Please cut me a break, LORD Cut me a break! (end chorus)

[quiet-ish here] The whole world, Yeah, All of us can’t breathe. And Lord I am still down here on my knees. (echo :still down on my knees)

Our lives are going up in smoke, And Dear Lord we feel the flame But I’m still down on my knees. And I’m still prayin’, and I’m still sayin’


[steady, low, and more like talking, actually] [second time: louder, but still steady and talking-ish] I’m still prayin’, I’m still waitin’ Lord I’m sayin’ That I’m still prayin’ (repeat 2x)

PLEASE! (chorus) {until last two lines, then slow it down, and say, Dear God, just cut me a break) [And fade out. ]

ok. so there was that. now. to the other question. do you think i should start to sing in public? i dont even sing at church. i mumble. and i dont have a band. or a stage name. but anyways, tell me what all yall think! thanks!

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