Pain like Paint
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new_name_pendin Wishing for my Hot Girl Summer.....
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mental illness never hides.

Pain like Paint

War paint makes you hide and SFX paint makes you fly

but no one told me how people look, no one told me how the colors hook

i try to hide it, but i can't because it's all pain like paint

smeared all over my face show it to all the human race

these tears have colorful touches and the words spread it like brushes

the art is the only thing that wont leave me the freak show is always free

it's so colorful down my skin and i just cant seem to hold it in

red all down my arms black and blue on my legs wont raise alarms

it's been caked on in layers overwhelmed with all the haters

what happened to the best things yellows, oranges and bright greens

now even when it's hidden under clothing they still see the boldest of the pain

it's all over, and it always stays and everyone sees my pain like paint.

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