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Soul mate series P1!

song: once upon a December by Liz Colloway
/ another life ago by Gabriel Sanchez

idea from @inkdragon

Once upon a Lifetime

soooooo, i've been doing prompt based work, as i'm sure you know. the lovely @inkdragon gave the first idea: "Mandi (female)/ Marcus (male) Maybe they are brought together because they knew each other several lifetimes ago (I know, cliche, but it's an idea lol)"

and the idea is fire! SO here we go! soulmates series part 1!

I did know what I was thinking, signing up for the new study by Mark Stationer, the famous soul scientist. I just saw the ad for signing up on the news and felt drawn to it, like I needed to go join his study. But now, sitting in the lobby in this white chair, staring at the white floors, connected to the white walls, I wasn't so sure it was a good idea.

Stomach Churning, I glanced over at the clock, worrying. What if I was going to get something bad for my soul? What if in my past life I was a murderer? Or worse, when I meet my match, he is a bad person? I just couldn't bear to think of that. 3 minutes flew by fast. i was not there too long. Then someone called my name, Mandi Smith.

I turned my head, and the Doctor was standing at a door, beckoning her. I got up and followed him to his lab. I sat down in a chair, as he attached some sort of nodules to my temples, ring fingers, and the bottom of my feet. It tickled a bit, and I giggled, in spite of my nerves. Dr. Mark started to explain.

"Well, Mandi, i can tell you're concerned. This is not going to harm you at all. In fact, i'm sure you'll be happy with your results. now, let me explain a bit more. these nodules are connected to each a part of your body. Your head and feet are being held, to keep your soul centered as we look through it's memories.

"The nodule connected to your ring finger is pulsing both to know your body and if it's ok, and to have a direct line to your heart, since that is what the matter of business is. Now, we are going to turn on this machine, and your lives are going to show up on my screen. We will look through it very quick, and then find the soul that you were most likely to be with romantically, and were somehow unable to.

"Does this make sense? " He asked. "Crystal clear, sir. Let's get on with it." I said, nervously. "Alright. You signed all consent forms, you were briefed, you are all hooked up and ready. So here. We. Go!" The Doctor cried, hitting the button.

There was a slight tugging sensation, all through my body, and I shuddered. Then, I started to see through the monitor, and realized that everyone was in very old clothing. I was very short, and my skirts were swishing in my peripheral. "How old am I, Sir?" I asked the doctor. "I do not know. I found your lifetime that was shortest, and entered it." He said.

"Oh. hmmm." I said. "Can we fast forward, there doesn't seem to be much here." "Wll, how about I see through your old eyes about when you were about to die? We can see if there was a good person at the time." We looked ahead, and Needless to say, if he abused me in that timeline, I wont be loving him now.

We scrolled through my past lives, until I found myself staring into my childhood lover's eyes as he shipped off to the second great war, and getting a yellow letter delivered by two uniformed men. "That one. " I said, my eyes brimming with tears. " I want that one. "

The Doctor turned off the machine, and detached the nodules. "Very Well. I thought you would. After all, he chose you too. He was seen here last week. I will give him a call and let you and him meet. Give me one second."

He chose me? Why? What happens if he changed his mind? My head swam with questions. I pushed those thoughts to the side. If he already chose me, he will choose me now that I have chose him too. I just know it.

The doctor came back with a phone number, and a name on a scrap of paper. __________________________ | | | MARCUS JONES | | | | (341) 894-4242 | | | ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ (not a real phone number)

I thanked him, and was discharged from his lab. As soon as I was outside, I shakily dialed the number on this precious scrap in my hand. On the second ring, someone picked up.

"Hello?" the voice was deep and shaky, nervous even. "Hi? Is this Marcus? I'm Mandi, your, Um. soulmate?" I stuttered. " Oh! hi. I was hoping you'd call. I was scared you wouldn't choose me, sunflower." He laughed. I giggled at the nickname, both familiar and wonderfully new.

"Of course I chose you. I was scared you wouldn't choose me." i exclaimed. " Can I meet you? Are you local? I'd really like to meet you." "I work at the coffee shop on Main and 8th street, and my break is in an hour. I don't think my boss would mind you hanging around, provided you bought a drink. " he replied. I almost could hear him smiling.

"I'll be there. " I said, already turning to walk in his direction. "Ok, so I'll see you soon, Mandi." "I can't wait, Marcus." --------- 3 years later, We both were crying.

Oh, Not terrible tears, but tears of joy. Walking down the pale pink carpet, staring at him through my veil, I was suddenly VERY thankful for my waterproof makeup. This man was the love of my life.

The love of my lives. { Fin}

well! that was exciting! thank you to you, for reading! thank you to @inkdragon , for giving me the ideas and names! thank you for youtube for ambient writing music and the songs that inspired me for this style and story! ( names in description.)

i hope you enjoyed reading this, and i enjoyed writing it. have an amazing day/night, you guys!

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