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new_name_pendin Wishing for my Hot Girl Summer.....
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a poem to the soul and heart of a poet. poet appreciation post!!!

Ode to the Poet

Oh, Poet! how you pour your heart like mulled wine. writing from within. creating masterpieces sublime. Art, more indulgent than sin.

Oh, Poet! how your pen leaks inky tears of joy. the inkwell flows freely, with a joyful laugh. smearing lively words uncoy. life overflowing, never becoming a statistic or graph.

Oh, Poet! how your lessons find me home. as your words bring forth far-off lands. a proprietor of a craft mother-like to Rome. new worlds, and new life brought forth from your hands.

Oh, Poet! how my gratitude overflows. these words breathe me life. the melody follows wherever I go. carved from your heartstrings by your own knife.

Oh, Poet! keep my mind safe from the plight. hyperrealistic newness, fill my thoughts at night. created by your heart's own goodness.

Oh, Poet! your soul is deep and true. unwavering as death, and fulfilling as life's own due. your own soul-child, you so humbly bequeath.

Oh, Poet! how I love you so! I could sit and read for hours, wherever you go, I go. thus your prowess and powers.

Oh, Poet! may your craft ne'er falter! may your inspiration last forevermore, may your hands never halter, and your life become the work of lore.

Oh, Poet! with your most intimate thoughts. spread thin on paper, bared to all, with your truths and naughts, and we, non-the-wiser, like an eavesdropped prayer.

Oh, Poet! may your words always come freely. the world is your stage, your pen is the players and it's all for you really. Long live poets, it's always A Poets Age.

thanks for reading!❤ Here's to the poets. 🥂🥂🥂 Poetry is as old as humanity itself. without the poets, our world would be a lot gloomier. (this was for the "art" daily prompt, but I didn't get it finished. )

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