oceans between us

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new_name_pendin Wishing for my Hot Girl Summer.....
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but then, boy, why are there category 5's between us?/why do you wave me off?

oceans between us

you are always looking in the other direction, when i seek you you cant say hi. you look almost torn into a different section, and good God, i don't know why.

you look me in the eyes for but a moment. but ive seen all I need to see. you've got that endless deep emotion, and i feel overwhelmed in your love for me.

but then, boy, why are there category 5's between us? why do you wave me off? what happened to love conquers all, it just must, when you held me, your love was so warm and soft.

she's only keeping us apart, just get rid of her, darling. 'cause the more pain she starts, makes my health more alarming.

oceans apart, but only a hop skip to your bay, the love did start, why will you let it go away?

i love you larger than the pacific, and hate you less than a single bio-luminescent algae, and my love for you is nonspecific, id follow you to Cali.

why do you let the oceans over take us? you need to come over. stop throwing yourself under the bus, and come be my lover.

my love, my dear, come back to me. i shall sit on my widow's peak here, and wait for you to return from sea.

you cannot be lost to the waves, but it seems it is how it must. i would give anything for you to be saved, for there are oceans between us.

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