morning after (pg-13)

                 morning after
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new_name_pendin Wishing for my Hot Girl Summer.....
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what I dreamed last night. warning, VERY VERY VERY NSFW.

morning after (pg-13)

sitting here, watching him, as his chest slowly rises and falls thinking of last night.

biting my lip, I remember him nibbling my T H I G H S

kissing me in my most private places, licking me and swirling his tongue suddenly inside me so wonderful, yet tinged with pain so much care, so much love with every slow thrust

thrust in, slowly draw out, in, out, in, out, each time, getting closer to bottoming out. he, fully sheathed, groans, his mouth, sucking on my collarbone, I can feel it throughout my bones.

staring into my eyes, moved up to slowly kiss me, fireworks in my heart so full of love. so much love. little bit of pain, but the feelings make it all but go away.

him, so much experience, yet taking care of me, even up to my climax, virginity lost, but worth it. premarital, but God can smite me for it. go ahead.

"how'd it feel?" "better than I could've imagined" "much pain?" "only in the beginning" "I'm sorry, babe" "it would've hurt more if you didn't know what you were doing. I barely felt it, darling"

"did you finish?" "no, but it's ok, it's about you, not me." "here, let me."

scooting down, making sure to avoid the spot of wet, looking at his still errect manhood, contemplating, then kissing it's tip. he groaned, barely audible, and it bobbed before my eyes. smiling, licking it up to the tip, tasting the salt then diving in.

every time it hit my gag reflex, inward cringing, him moaning. stoping to slip my hands around the base, moving in tandem to my mouth. he quickly warned me, but it was too late I gagged on the salty, sticky mass that I quickly swallowed.

"you ok?' " could ask you the same thing." "I'm fine. that felt good." "good." "can I help you out? you're wet again." "ok, sure."

slowly working his way down my body, kissing down, down down my neck, my collarbone, my Brest, my navel, my tuft of hair, my small bud full of nerves.

moaning, groaning, panting. holding onto his hair, his sweet sweet tongue U N R A V E L I N G me

never straying inside, until this moment, then plunging in. watching him, so many sensations. he plays with my rosebud with his tongue doing magic tricks. sticks in his finger, like a magic wand, almost too much sensation. then another and another.

three fingers deep, licking, and my nerves being tickled so wonderfully, then, I B U R S T crying out, as he licks me clean, he gets up and looks at me.

pulls me over to him, so I wouldn't be lying in wet, he holds me close, and we fill our heads, full of wonders, of someday, of children, and of rocking chairs.

I drift to sleep, too tired to answer him when he mumbles " I love you " into my ear.

smiling, I snap out of my revelry, and go to make breakfast. put on my bra and panties turn on some country, dance around, whisking eggs. he smelt the food and woke up, smiling, as his arms wrapped around my waist, breathing into my hair, "good morning, beautiful."

I turn to kiss him, and then........


..... .......

I wake up. and then spend a minute to cry. mourning the loss of my freedom, mourning the loss of him. whispering, knowing where he is,

"good morning, handsome. I still love you."

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