keep pushing my buttons
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new_name_pendin Wishing for my Hot Girl Summer.....
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he plays video games and my heart.

keep pushing my buttons

keep pushing, i dare you it aint been enough. its not like im psycho or already mis-loved.

keep pushing and shoving, oh, how i care keep going, i love it. your mistreatment is fair.

keep going, it's alright there's no ill will here im a tough girl, i promise. my heart has no fear.

keep at it, you go boy. youre the absoulte best bipolar controller never give it a rest

pushing my buttons, flipping all my dang switches you're changing me up im screwed up, no hitches.

play me like Xbox, cheat codes like Nintendo, you're obviously a Gameboy, old games you cant let go.

trigger happy, itchy finger. pushing like it is red. well, you ain't gonna stop till every button is dead.

the best at it, all the best stats and specs. now im smashing the game. press X to pay your respects.

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