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new_name_pendin Happy for the first time in 18 years...
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dealing with dumb teenage buys again. God. how many asses do I have to hand back to people for them to stop?!?!?!?

Karmatic Vessel

Mama raised me smart, she raised me petty. You're getting in a fight when you weak as spaghetti. Screenshotting your shit, im icy like yeti. Doin' your shit, you gon be dead as Betty.

You wanna be sweet? Hell naw. Now I'm ready. I'll be so vindictive, make an angel of Freddy. The sideshow is over, Issa main act already. You gave me hate, ill throw it back steady.

I'm spiting truths, imma make you sweaty. imma blow your words all over like confetti. I was raised not to rely on daddy's fetty. Damn, drownin' in karma, better grab your wettie.

You think you're ass will be saved. you ain't that pretty. Karma is a bad bitch, and I hold her machete. I swear I'll knock your ass out like ameretti. I'll fuck shit up, more famous than Vanzetti.

Thanks for reading❤ I've had this in my drafts from a long ago daily prompt, and today I just finished, edited, and decided its time.

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