I'll still breathe, even as I cry.

I'll still breathe, even as I cry.  life stories

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ill keep going, even if I want to stop, because I need to. I have to. I want to.

I'll still breathe, even as I cry.

I'm alive. I'm going. I'm keeping on keeping on. I'm here. I'm present. I'm still on the road, not gone.

I can cry. I can laugh. I can let sadness in to creep. I can smile. I can fear. I can still wake after I sleep.

I have slumped. I have slouched. I have been sad and blunt. I have sang. I have danced. I have kept one foot in front.

I was angry. I was glad. I was stumbling in the dark. I was afraid. I was indifferent. I was wanting to stop the car.

I can be good. I can be bad. I can be anything I need. I can be nice. I can be sour. I can be the girl in the lead.

I will be emotional. I will be cold. I will be all ok and alright. I will be wanted. I will be discarded. I will be holding myself at night.

I'll still rant. I'll still rave. I'll still change things (or try). I'll still go. I'll still stay. I'll still breath, even as I cry.

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