I will Always be by Your Side.
I will Always be by Your Side.  side stories

new_name_pendin Wishing for my Hot Girl Summer.....
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a poem to all the people I will love, and do already. I'm right here for you.

I will Always be by Your Side.

I don't know you yet, but im sure I will. Someday I'll get to meet you. I can't touch you yet, but it'll be such a thrill. and I know I'll love you when we do.

Or maybe I've already met you in life. I'll stand by you and stay till the end. and I love you to pieces through the pain and strife. you've got me forever as your friend.

I'll stand by your side, no matter the weather. You will guide me, and change me, and I'll love you so. As long as you've got me, I've got you forever. So many adventures on which we'll go.

I'll be your shoulder, whenever you fall. I'll pick you up off the ground. I'll help you get through it all. and I'll love you without needing a sound.

In the worst of your troubles I'll be there. And when you are on a high, I'll join. If you can't breathe I'll give you air. And if you re broke I'll lend you some coin.

I'll do whatever you need, though. because I love you. self sacrificing? I don't think so. when you love people you do what you need to.

whatever it takes, I've got you, you'll get me. I'm here for you, ride or die. and I hope that the past, present and future people see. I Will Always be by Your Side.

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