I miss you.
I miss you. poetry stories

new_name_pendin Wishing for my Hot Girl Summer.....
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why does it take being quarentined to realize how much you love someone. i thought it was just a smidge, but i think i miss him most out of everyone.

I miss you.

i miss you, Deaf-ear. in your hoodies and jeans. i miss you, glasses. with your magic sheen.

i miss you, my secret. with your small shy smile. i miss you, nerd. you can read me from a mile.

i miss you, ((surname)). you always know what need. i miss you, heart. it's never on your sleeve.

i miss you, hardy. tough as grit. . i miss you, steady. always there when i need it.

i miss you, leprechaun. strong arms and warm hugs. i miss you, darlin. i dissent "he's not cute enough"

i miss you, bubs. now more than before. i miss you, smarties. far from you hurts me more.

i miss you...….

i really miss you....

( I love you)

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