I am on Hiatus!
I am on Hiatus! personal stories
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new_name_pendin Wishing for my Hot Girl Summer.....
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for an unspecified time. just circumstance.

I am on Hiatus!

hey everyone! so those of you who know me well know that I will be graduating high school on the 28th of may! whoop! but, I have to turn in my technology before that, and unfortunately that's how I access commaful.

so, I will be on unspecified Hiatus for a long time. not sure how long, hence : unspecified. if you want to make sure I see something, send it to me in a link through chats! I am not leaving forever! so, i wish all of you luck, speedy fingers, and an abundance of inspiration.

I love all of you, and thank you for getting me through a rough time. without commaful, I'd be so, so lost. I am going to Ivy Tech Community College in Fort Wayne Indiana in the fall, and I will be pursuing a teaching degree for either English or drama. wish me luck. I'll be back. I promise.

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