Hellbound acceptance letter

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new_name_pendin Wishing for my Hot Girl Summer.....
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something i wrote on the way to school this morning. i just talk to him because i trust him. but he just crossed that line for the 100th time. Go fuck yourself, Reid Peter Johnson, cause i ain't doing it.

Hellbound acceptance letter

Thoughts swirling in my head, I just wanna get up and fight.

Anger in my heart, I don’t know if ill be alright.

Liar in love with a hoe. Hell everything changes over night

I had love and friendship, Now its long outta sight

Restraint is taking up all of my might,

And maybe if I knock your lights out, Ill get to sleep tonight

Listen for those gunshots, Fire comes at the witching hours night.

You messed with me so often, I cant even cry,

You cant even prove it, Do you think your walking the path of light?

And if I said you make me happy, That’d be a Fucking lie.

Im tired of your stupid ass, Smoking crack youre way too fucking high.

maybe you need to learn, how to be a decent guy.

You see the grass is always greener and I know you’ve got your “problems” but stop lying, stop all your petty drama

if you wanna fuck with someone, go fuck with someone else, see who you stupify. caue ive got a couple baseball bats, and I know where you park that pretty ride.

I hope you get what’s coming for ya, Or ill give it to you first, such a disgrace to the family name, Youre the goddamned worse

I cant handle you no more, Ive got my own duties and jobs Ive got no time for scrubs or players, Or any of you slobs.

I cant believe you’re like this, I thought you were better, But, HA, I’m gonna laugh and watch it When you get your hell bound acceptance letter.

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