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face reveal #2.
"in just a look towards the past, we can see how we've changed and how we may still change"


I decided I was going to do another face reveal, but this one focused on the past.

the order: 1> @ my great grandparents (2 y/o) 2> me w/ 1/2 sister (9 y/o) 3> 7th grade w/ bad g-ma (12 y/o) 4> 8th grade thanksgiving w/ good grandma and lil' sister. (13 y/o) 5> 8th grade semi-formal (14 y/o) 6> 11th grade wardrobe (17 y/o)

My great grandparents gave me that stuffed animal. I still have that cat, and the voice box with my (deceased) great g-ma's voice. I will never part with them.

same mom, different dad. Elizabeth left both of us. Me, with my dad, and Samantha with her adopted parents (who were also our mother's aunt and uncle).

Margaret abused me and my Dad, but my Dad got it worse. (mental, and neglect) I broke my glasses in a bike crash just a month prior.I bruised a rib, and tore part of my diaphragm. I still sometimes can't breathe.

That year, I became a sister. I never knew it was even possible. It was a dream come true.

That year, was when I got my first girlfriend, no one ever knew. I got a partial scholarship to my dream high-school (that place didn't work out). I found out I had hypothyroidism, presenting as hyperthyroidism, and started meds, and grew.

This is me today, in an outfit I would usually wear to school. I have changed a lot because of my experience. In just this year, i broke my first bone (my toe), I dislocated my knee, I found the guy i'd been running into my whole life, and was "fated" to be with ( 3 fortune tellers...) i have grown up. become myself.

"In just a look towards the past, we can see how we've changed and how we may still change." - Me, Clara Leslie

Life changes at rapid intervals. During these strange times, all we can do is hope. But I challenge you. Look at yourself, in the past, and see how you've changed. Our past prepares us for our future. See how much you've changed? We will all change because of Coronavirus 2020.

it's up to us to make sure we change how we want to.

Grow. And become better than you were before.

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