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new_name_pendin Wishing for my Hot Girl Summer.....
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very loosely rhyming, but im a little woozy


how do i flip you the bird, if my fingers all really hurt? i cut myself on glass, who knows how the bleeding will last and i have to refuse i ride to the doctors!

im just a little woozy, but i think ill be alright, it's not like i dont have worse pain in my body that makes it hard to sty aflight.

man, this pain is kinda lit but you know what's disturbing? the steady drip the blood, crimson red, is making me tired, no! cant fall asleep! school doesnt end for hours!

no, ma'am i dont wanna go home dad, stop, no doctors, ill be fine on my own mom, please stop. you didnt have to tell him damn, people please, it's just a skin skim.

what do you mean? half a centemeter deep? a centemeter long? no, that cant be right. this doesnt hurt. yes! ill be alright!

can i start flippin you the bird? rubbing alcohol? stay away! no, im not dying. yes, id like to keep it that way. that's it, the bird is going up, i really dont care. ma'am, youre amazing, but get out of my hair.

i only can stay at school, till the bandaid bleeds through. i know i shouldnt play with sharp objects, when im tired and can barely moove. i kow ill be ok, ill be right back. im just going to take a short little nap.

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