answering @iamamfollower 's Q&A for 300 follows!

answering @iamamfollower 's Q&A for 300 follows! iamifollwer stories

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@iamafollower 's Q&A. happy may 19th!

answering @iamamfollower 's Q&A for 300 follows!

1) What’s a funny story that you are willing to share about yourself? hooo boy. I have so many, I could be called a clown...... I do enjoy clowning around...... ok, besides the point. hm, I'd say when I had to get my tooth pulled, so the doctor gave me valium. (continued on next page ->)

I remember sitting on the floor, saying, "I'm fine really" but my speech was slurring. then suddenly, I toppled over sideways, suddenly not able to hold up my waist. my dad carried me over to the couch, and then the giggles started. everything was funny. my parent's were watching blue bloods, and I even giggled at a corpse. the vid is hilarious. maybe you had to be there. idk.

2) Did you ever have writer’s block? How’d you overcome it? Oh yes. I think everyone has had writers block. as for how I overcame it, that's a bit trickier. it's all about if you are inspired to write, there is no way to write a good, meaningful story if there is no inspiration. (continued on next page ->)

sometimes I read novels, and draw inspiration from those. sometimes I got for a walk and let whatever I see give me ideas. or I go do something, and draw on those feelings. like I said to someone else recently: I just let the inspiration come to me. if you force it, you will never write well, but if you wait for your heart to guide you, you will find an abundance of inspiration.

3) When do you usually write? depends. I was up at midnight and wrote for the daily prompt as soon as they put it up, because I had inspiration (they changed the prompt. damnit) I just write when I think of something. usually, it's early morning, or late at night. but it can be anytime.

4) If you ever leave Commaful, what would you most likely do? well, I'll be leaving for the summer on Friday, but this summer I'll probs cry, or get frustrated. I love commaful, and it's how I deal with pent up emotion. I know I'll be upset?

later guys!

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