17, skates, and a newfound love.

 and a newfound love. skate stories

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how i fell in love with roller skating, and had the night of my life. or how i spent my night on my 17th birthday. real life. I lived.

17, skates, and a newfound love.

It was the day I turned 17. I was told i could go on an all-nighter with my school church group, since it was my birthday. Friday night to Saturday morning. Up all night, my first night of being 17. I was so ready.

i couldn't wait. We were going to go to Skyzone, roller dome, IHOP, and Lazer X,

One problem? I was really bad at skating. I knew how, I'd read books, watched people and knew the basic physics. but I would get so scared and I'd fall. My legs would seize up and I'd go ker-splat.

We went to Skyzone first, and when we left, I was more scared than ever. I told my friend, Craig that I was afraid, and he said he'd help me. We all walked in, and got our skates.

He got up to the edge of the rink, and said "Look at me." So I looked. then he said Something I'll never forget.

"When you fall, keep going. I know you can flip yourself onto your feet, and get up after you fall, I've seen you run. You know how to do this, and just don't look down at your feet until you are absolutely ready. Just feel confident, feel the music, like you do when you dance. And just have fun. that's all that matters."

Then he turned, and left me in the dust.

so I listened to the music and just moved forward.

I fell, and I slipped, and I looked like a fool, When my friends danced, I'd wave my hands, and sing along. It was the best thing I'd ever done. I had bruises and skinned knees for the next week. It was worth it.

I skated the whole time. only stopped once, when a friend got my crush on a video chat over instagram and we joked at 2 am. this was my night. And that night, a love to skate was born. I was hooked.

my friends even requested the song "Dancing queen", by ABBA, because they knew I loved that song, and it fit the night. I was 17, doing something that I fell in love with, and we had the time of our lives. "I Lived", "Stronger", "Happier", "life is a highway", "Genie in a Bottle", "Sk8r boi". Countless songs. We skated for hours.

we got on the bus, and went on our way. but the roller dome was the best part of the night.

When we left, all I could think of was how it felt on skates. It was a feeling not unlike when I rode a bike, or skateboarded. Or found a new book. But better. Lazer Tag no longer held it's appeal. Nor did falling from heights. I wanted to fly again.

Remember, In life, or skating, just keep going. If you fall, get back up. Look life in the face and shake hands with her and laugh like friends.. Who knows? You might find a new passion. Or a new love.

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