11th Hour Confession |A Red Room Tale|

          11th Hour Confession

             |A Red Room Tale| the red room stories

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(Red Room is written by @btsismybias )On the 9th day, in a large mansion, with shadowed corners and walls dripping blood, Ms. Mad Hatter and Clara are having their last conversation.

11th Hour Confession |A Red Room Tale|

"Ms. Mad Hatter, do you even realize what you mean to me? You can't just go running around willy-nilly without plans and trying to sacrifice yourself! We already lost Lynn. I can't loose you, too."

Clara's voice broke on the last few words of her outburst, and Ms. Mad Hatter put her hand on Clara's shoulder. "Clara, what are you saying? I always have a plan..."

"I know, that's why I always followed you, looked to you for guidance. Because you were there for me. Because you were there for Lynn. you're so smart, and you care so much about getting us out. I love you, Madds, and I can't loose you. please. " Clara wiped away a few stray tears and continued.

" You 've always lit up a room when you laughed, and your eyes crinkle when you smile. I love how, even when facing death, you'll smile and charge. You've been the only light in the mansion, and I have to get out with you. Not one of us, but both. Please. Madds, there's got to be a different way."

Ms. Mad Hatter sighed and shook her head. "Clara, Lovely, this is one of my best plans yet. I promise we'll get out. You just need to be out of the room, because things can get a little-" she paused to find the right word "-trippy. But I promise I'll make it out of the room, and we'll keep going. We will make it out, okay?"

Clara nodded, still holding onto Ms. Mad Hatter and trembling behind the crate. "here." Ms. Mad Hatter held out her hand to Clara. In it, was a small locket. " This should help you stay immune to my powers if you can't make it out of the room on time. Now hide near the door, while I send out a signal for the other teams to follow. "

Clara took the locket and sat back. "I Love You, Madds. Before and After this Mansion, there was never and will never be anyone as good as you. " She leaned forword and swiftly kissed Ms. Mad Hatter on the forhead. "Get out of here alive for me, ok?" Ms. Mad Hatter nodded, with nothing more to say.

Clara hid behind the door, slipping the locket around her neck, knowing that only she could posses such an item given of love. She gazed at her last remaining team member, the light of her life, and prayed to whatever god is out there that the light wouldn't be snuffed.

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