Part Two: (Almost) All Together
Part Two: (Almost) All Together dolan twins stories

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Nevaeh Just Got Back To Town. She Has New People To Meet... And More Secrets To Hide

Part Two: (Almost) All Together

Jonah and I are walking when a boy stopped us in the hallway, "Hey Jo. Are you hanging out with freshman?' "Actually, I'm a senior you uncultured swine," I grumble.

I was so sick of people judging me by my height. "Corbyn this is Nevaeh, Nevaeh this is Corbyn," Jonah introduced me to the blonde boy who has angel eyes as blue as the sky.

"Nevvy!!" Bella, with her curly brown and red hair, jumps on my back suddenly making Jonah and Corbyn freak out like little girls. "I missed chu sooooooo much!" She yelled.

"I missed you too Beli," I laugh lightly fixing my glasses, "Where's Gracie?" On cue she pops up holding some boys hand. The boy had light hair and rosy red cheeks.

"Gracie Lynn with a boy? I never thought I'd see the day," I laughed. "Yeah- we started talking over the summer.

Zach, this is my bestest fran Nev," She smiled waving her light brown hair that was tied back in a ponytail with a sparkle in her light brown eyes.

She let go of his hand and attacking me with hugs. "You seem popular," Jonah laughs nudging my shoulder. I look down slightly and play with my sleeve, "Not really."

Bella and Gracie noticed me and grabbed one of my hands each. I exhale and let them go as I head to my class by myself.

I walk in and see a recognizable tall boy and jump onto his back, "Missed me didn’t ya?"

Warner turned around with his bright blue eyes and sandy blonde hair pushed me off hugging me tight, "Of course I missed my best friend."

"You're still short," Warner laughs then I hit him in the chest and sit down next to him smiling. Jonah ends up walking in and sits on the other side of me, "Hey Nevaeh." "Hey Jonah."

Warner whispers protectively to me, "Looks fuckboy-ish." I giggle and shake my head. He was always like that to me since 2nd grade.

For your information, I'm not a fuckboy. My name is Jonah and I'd prefer to be called by my name thanks man," Jonah retaliated overhearing what Warner said.

"C-Can you guys not yell with me in the m-middle?" I stutter. Warner recognizes my anxiety and calms down without question. Jonah goes quiet not wanting to be rude to my request.

I exhale and quickly get to doing my history notes.

Felicity's POV

I walked to the library and see a boy with curly hair sitting there. I look at the paper as saw I was helping 'Jack Avery'.

I walk up to him, "Hey are you Jack?" "Yeah and you're Felicity, right?" He smiled with deep chocolate brown eyes. "Yep," I sat down and got out my books out.

"You're too cute to be a tutor," he laugh-smirks. I just shook my head, as I read about him he was a flirt and a trouble maker- maybe that’s what makes him so hot 😉

"If we have a quadratic equation in the form ax squared plus bx plus c is equal to 0, so in standard form,

then the roots of this are x are equal to negative b plus or minus the square root of b squared minus 4ac, all of that over 2a- That’s the quadratic formula,"

I explained to jack for the third time as the bell rang, "Well I guess I'll see you tomorrow." "Unless you wanna hang out tonight," He interrupted. I told him to look in his workbook and left.

Inside- I left my number.

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