Part Three: Gangs All Here
Part Three: Gangs All Here dolan twins stories

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Nevaeh Just Got Back To Town. She Has New People To Meet... And More Secrets To Hide

Part Three: Gangs All Here

Gracie's POV

Zach gave me one last kiss before I walked my class with my other best friend Lindsay. "The last new kid is supposed be here around now," she smiled.

I grinned at her cheekily, "Maybe he's cute." "You have a boyfriend." "I meant for you doofus," I laughed as a boy with electric blue eyes and smooth brown hair walked into our English class.

Daniel's POV

I was supposed to meet up with Jonah and Corbyn, but the jerks left me to fend for myself. I walk into my first class and see two girls.

One looked like the girl Zach was talking to over the summer and the other was a cute blonde with calming, almost comforting eyes.. I take a seat next to them, "Hey I'm Daniel."

The brunette said, "Hey I'm Gracie, and this is Lindsay."


The first 4 periods went by like a breeze but now it's time for lunch, the most barbaric half hour of my life. No one has seats yet, so you must fight and fend for yourselves.

I got my lunch and suddenly it was yeeted out of my hands. I look up see the one and only, Sarah Noe. A, brown haired, girl with highlights and the actual definition of mean girl/bitch.

Cousin to Bella and bane of my existence.

"Oh, I heard you we were back freak, but I had to see you for myself," Sarah snarked at me as I leaned down to pick up my stuff. Everyone was staring, and I felt like I was going to cry.

Suddenly, Bella, Gracie, and Lindsay burst in front Sarah and he cronies, grabbing me then bolting to our table- which so happened to be by Jonah and his friends 😉

I barely poked at my food before I started going through my phone. A good thing about being silent is that people don't notice you.

I kept looking at Felicity as she and Jack were sharing suggestive glances and smirks.

I saw that Zach and Gracie were holding hands under the table and that while Lindsay was eating, Daniel was smiling at her. I like being unnoticed.

I glance up at Jonah and think, "Maybe sometimes being noticed wouldn't be too bad..."

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