Human is to Lose
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Struggling with the pressure of normalcy, Enzo may have finally made a friend. Although, a darker force quickly takes away something precious from him.

Human is to Lose

Chance Encounters Don't Exist In Real Stories.

"Do you remember, Enzo, before that is?"

"No. Unfortunately, I don't seem to."

"Unfortunate, you don't remember me as a kid, or yourself as you are now?"

"Myself? No. I never knew myself. That I can be sure of."

"Hmm. You've always been this stubborn., never mind."

"Don't play with me, Olivia. Not at a time like this."

"Enzo...What do you think happens to people like us?"

"We live, we breathe, we die."

"Surely there's more than that, Enzo..."

"I hoped so. Look at us now. About to die. Millions of questions unanswered. All because of that demon lady."

"At least we're together..."


"Still can't say it, huh.. haha...I always loved you, ya know?"

"...I figured as much...Stupid..."

"I guess your actions were always louder than your words, though. Taking most of that blast for me. Dealing with my questions. My endless problems. Nagging. Laughing. Sobbing. Crying.

God Enzo, how could this happen to us now. I love you so much, but I could never tell you before now. I just-"

"Stop...Olivia. Just hold my fucking hand."


"Do it, and please shut up while you're at it. So we can at least die in peace."


-Nightmare before the Dream-

I wonder how long this party will take. I just wanted to stay home and play videogames or read my new book.

Mom and dad just had to bring me along though, show me off to their co-workers at this Christmas party.

I hate these occasions, meeting all kinds of people, dealing with their ungodly awful personalities.

Is it normal for an eight-year-old to think like this? Probably not, but who cares? It's just me in here anyway.

My parents introduced me to their friends, a couple that works with them. I hide behind mom's dress. They laugh and say how cute I am.

I'm not cute.

Behind the tall, muscular man shaking my father's hand, a girl, about my size, peeks over his pant leg.

We look into each other's eyes. I feel something weird. Being uncomfortable, I ran away to my father's office.

Pain. Loss. Love. Death. Loss. Mom. Loss. Dad. Loss. Death. Loss. Death. Loss. Loss. Alone.

Hmm...The world sure does look nice like this. 20 stories up, looking out the window of dad's office, rarely seeing something this surreal. The whole city was masked over by the snow.

Like the snow was this beautiful, pure thing, covering the sins and horrors below.

Of course, I'm only a kid, what do I know about the real world.

"Hey! Why are you all alone over here? Wanna play with me!"

Are my ears deceiving me? Maybe I misheard what this weird girl was saying to me.

"Hey you! Don't ignore me! What's your name? Mine's Olivia!"

What a weirdo. Speaking to me like it's nothing. I turn to see her smirk greeting my cold heart.

"Oh! You're him! Our parents are friends! I guess they work together or something...You sure look lonely over here, wanna ta-"

I jerk my head away in disgust.

"...Oh. Well, I don't really feel like talking either, haha. It's fine if you don't talk much. I just wanted to look out the window to see if I could see our apartment from up here."

A frown fills my face; obviously, I'm calling her stupid in my head.

"Haha. You're funny. You still didn't tell me your name, ya know?"

After several heartbeats, I guess I finally dared to speak to someone besides my parents. Besides, maybe it'll get her to shut up.



Fear. Death. Mad. Loss. No. Loss. Please. Loss. Death. Loss. Loss. Loss. Friend.

Mom tells me my little friend will be here soon. What friend could I possibly have? None of the kids at school like me. They probably don't even know I exist.

If they did, they would just laugh at my pathetic life anyway.


Someone is screaming my name as they run up the stairs to my room. My god, how annoying.

"Enzo! I haven't seen you for like a whole week! Wanna play!"

It's her. Of course. She won't leave me alone. Even though I insisted to mom not to let her in the house anymore.

"Come on, let's play like umm I don't know umm..."

Mom wants me to have a friend, I guess. Not just spend the rest of my life alone in my room.

"Oh, oh, oh! I know what we can do! We can play family! You are the dad, and I'm the mom!"

Why in the world would I wa-

"Come here!"

Grabbing on my hand like that's not very fair. Why is my face so red, her hand so soft, mine so sweaty?

"Sit here...Come on..sit down just like that...and I'm going to give us some dinner! Haha."


"Haha. Look Enzo, I can make us some pancakes or something with this skillet I brought!"

"That's plastic stupid how are you gonna make pan-"

"Not real ones, silly! I don't think I'm ready for that yet! Hmm...hahaha."

Her smile is so warm. Why?

"Hahaha look Enzo look! I'm gonna make sure to practice a lot, so one day, I can be an excellent wife, haha!"

Blushing. Me. Why?

"Ya know. We can be friends if you want. I saw you during lunch the other day eating alone. We can eat together if you want...I usually eat alone too..but...we can..."

That's right. The other kids make fun of her because her parents are getting divorced. Something like her dad was hanging out with another girl or some other grown-up stuff I don't care about.

"You know what. I won't take no for an answer! You and I are friends now! Like it or not!"

Such a smiley girl, this radiant shine that could cut through the densest clouds. I wonder if people like her are actually that happy? Perhaps she puts on her smile for other people.

Just to hide what she really feels. So other people can't use it against her. Maybe, she's stronger than she looks...

"Well I-Oh mom's calling for me! Coming, mom! Oh--Enzo, don't forget what I said, I'll see you at school Monday! Ehehe."

My heart skipped a beat, all because of that smile. How...un..usual.

Smile. Warm. Love. Lo-ss. Love. Not. Loss. No. No. Friend.


What's happening with Olvia's parents makes me wonder if my mom and dad would ever leave each other. What could happen that would be so bad as to separate them from each other.

Would they leave me if I did something to them. I don't like many people in the world, but my parents are my parents after all. I could never imagine losing them.

They're the one stable thing in my life, my rock, that holds my world in place, keeping my mind from slipping away.

Death. Loss. Alone. Forever.

Mom and dad usually work late. So i'm used to being here alone. This time feels different, though. It's much later than they usually would be coming home. Especially on a Saturday night.

They know that I like to watch movies with them on Saturdays.

Knocking. Tone. Set. Commanding. Voice.

Shuffling down the stairs, past my parents' open room, to the front door. I peek out the curtain. It's Olivia's mom, she looks worried. I guess I should open the door.

Death. ALONE. NOW.

"Honey. Come here."

No. No. No. Why...

"Enzo sweaty..."

Dead. Both. Car. River. Raining. Forcast. Torrential. Alone.

The Police officer with Olivia's mom Is talking to me. I cannot seem to hear what he's saying though. The world is closing in. Black. Darkness. Nothing. Alone. No.

Burn. Burn. Away. Pain. Burn. Away. Pain.

My hand burns. Unnaturally. Looking at it. A black circle appears on my right hand. It looks like a tattoo, but I don't have a tattoo.

"My god...Enzo..."

Her tone says it all, I guess. You hear about this kind of stuff on the late-night conspiracy shows. Kids developing the mark. Can't seem to remember the name.

The police officer seems concerned now. Different though to the concerned voice he had earlier about my parents. Maybe he's worried about my hand.

Talking. No. Good. Cannot. Hear.

The police officer is talking with Olivia's mom about me. What to do with me. He calls some people.

Takers. All they do is take children like me to a place that experiments on us. Takers. Taken away from my home.


Sitting in the car. Watching my home for the last eight years. A fire burns inside of me. I can't control it. What is this pain? Closing my eyes seems to help. Screaming ensues.

I crack my eyes open. My home. Burning. Blue flames enveloping the entire thing. Crackling hotter than the sun in July. On a day like today. A night like tonight. So much rain.

An impossible amount of rain. I feel like I should cry here. I can feel it inside me, building up. I just can't, something really is wrong with me.

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