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the last night i spent with him.


by neutralfleur

i remember the last night

i spent with you

all of us were walking across the beach

everyone i had ever loved in some way

some absorbed in conversation, others wandering

the moonlight bouncing off each ripple of water

and i imagined your lips tasting like the salt

had soaked into your skin while we had swam

god, you were so beautiful

i know boys don't always like to hear that

but sometimes my vocabulary can find nothing else

to even attempt at capturing

your being in that moment

you were exquisite, captivating

brown eyes that were still soft amongst the stars

we gazed upwards for what felt like hours

and when i peaked to my left

and saw the look of passion on your face

i lost my ability to breathe

sometimes i think a part of me died that night

when your hand brushed mine

and i knew that young love had to be real

nobody else could make me shiver and float all at once

i've never quite felt the same

but i still hear the whispers that poured from your fingertips as you stroked my wrist:

"she's a disaster and it's not beautiful, but oh god is it fascinating"

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