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we've reached a point.

twenty first century

we've reached a point

where the ideals of liberalism

have lost their grip on our values

ecological collapse

technology beyond us

we shudder

and close the door

build the wall

a barrier to keep them out

if you're not like us

same skin,

same love,

same God,

same pocket money,

same language rolling off your tongue

with the same ticks and nuances

you'll be on the other side of it

you belong on the other side

yet, less are starving

fewer are sick

more die on accident

than from war

the gallop of progress slows

and speeds

and is never as steady as they say it is

we constantly feel like we're on the brink of the end

yet we know things are better

things are better

things are getting better

aren't they?

aren't i allowed to simply recite this to myself

whenever someone tells me

this world is going to shit

or is saying this an excuse?

how does it help me

and those around me

create an updated plan

something to win the revolution before it kills me

will telling people that progress is always happening

stop this ecological meltdown from melting me?

will it prevent the forecasted ecological disruptions?

will it prevent five billion people from experiencing water shortages in 2050?

i'm not sure how to fix this on my own

i don't know if i can

more people die from suicide

than homicide

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