to a future lover
to a future lover romance stories

neutralfleur freedom from narrative。
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to the one who comes to mind too often.

to a future lover

by neutralfleur

dear darling, where are you? i don’t believe in fate i’m not spiritual i don’t believe in gods or even a God

i prefer science clear-cut logic inexplainable things becoming truths before my eyes i’m very scientific for someone who writes poems

i’m not sure i even believe in you

but a friend who gives away kisses to the universe every night told me i should: “open my mind to the option of the fates”

i’m not sad or grieving or even lonely

sometimes i just think about you a little too much i spill too much sugar in my tea i avoid ladders i whisper to the stars before i remember they’re not listening

sometimes i wonder what your childhood was like if you’re passionate about something i’ve never tried before

i imagine your home maybe you don’t speak English as your first or second or third language maybe you’re asleep whenever i’m awake

maybe your father grows tomato plants like my mother used to in the summertime

maybe we’ll meet at a park in a university classroom in another country maybe we’ll meet over and over and over again until we notice everything about one another

i don’t believe in fate i don’t believe in you but believe me i truly ultimately dangerously want to

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