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neutralfleur freedom from narrative。
Autoplay OFF   •   3 years ago
all that i wanted to say but didn’t have the chance to.


your face falters when you notice who is next to you

it is i the one carrying all the chances you blew

a small smile stumbles on to your face in hello shyly, you swallow your pride you open you mind you press your lips into The Kiss as if tasting a memory lost in the glow

nothing is said nor does it need to be because everything is already on the table and filling the silence with empty words just to hear the others voice would be far too shameless for either of us to bear

something gleams new in my eyes like the ocean has settled down the sky has cleared fireflies seem to have made a home in my irises

i send a grin your way like a slap in the face and a butterfly kiss all wrapped in one pulling flowers from your breath, i have grown better without you and that is the cruelest gift one could give

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