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neutralfleur freedom from narrative。
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feelings that are distracting me from my passions.


contracting my lungs expand and release trying to escape the grey smoke the fire the water the poison that is trapped inside them like acid rain on a sunny day

my body becomes flushed hit by wave after wave of thoughts that linger angrily reminding me of all that could be done all that needs to be done if only i would reach arms and bend hips and give up sleep, rejecting the sadness that plagues my brain

if only i didn’t waste time scrolling when that’s gone, if only i didn’t waste time watching if only i didn’t feel the need to stay tidy all the time if only i could not take multiple baths a day if only i didn’t drown in if onlys

why do i only feel productive when i have a lot going on? why do i have to do tons of things why must i keep the ball rolling so i can move at all why is starting so hard and stopping unbearably easy i have work ethic but i lack it at the same time i’ve rigged the system

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