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*trigger warning: brief mention of r*pe


when i read

the news,

or simply witness injustice

spewed from people,

at people,

for people,

by people

all i see is red

in all honesty,

it isn't that frequent for me;

i'm a young white woman

in a north american

small town

the streets, the hallways

echoe racist jokes

but feminism is okay

not under that name

that's a bit too much women

for their taste


overall gender equality

is widely accepted

as long as she doesn't

call herself a feminist

doesn't say a word about unequal pay

because she's not like other girls

and she's okay with rape jokes

truly, if you have a strong back

a spine that can carry mockery

and ignorance

you'll be fine

they aren't out to shoot you

many are kind

many will outgrow the ignorance

many will choose humanity

over exclusivity for attention

many will be fascinated

they just haven't seen much yet

and with globalization

with integration

they see more everyday

there are some though

they just want to use the n-word

do you come from the streets?

they just want to make jokes about

your language behind your back

they want to mock your father for his accent

they heard that your people's girls

are quiet and submissive

do you think they could get one for themselves?

they are the ones

who i fear the most

as i could imagine them growing out of this

or growing into it more

until their bigotry blooms

blossoms into hate

and they pick up their failure

they spin it into destruction

they swallow the propaganda

the hatred

and they blow brains out

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