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coming to terms with my obsession with my bedroom and moving out

my bedroom

by neutralfleur

my room is my safe haven

the deep blue walls hold my words

every moment of sadness dripping from eyes to pillow case or happiness dripping from eyes to fingertips

it has scratches in corners where change has continued to take place

it has sketches and art posters and paintings framed

postcards pinned up like fragments of time

it’s the closest display to the inner workings of my dreams and memories

if my mind needed an art gallery this would have to do

my room is my home

i’ve never been all that materialistic

but everything i’ve ever loved is here

sometimes i wonder how i’ll get over tearing it all down when i move out

but i remember that it’s been done again and again, every time i’ve changed rooms and cities and provinces and as a person so i know it’s an easy burden on my heart

my room is a room

one which will eventually mean very little to me because it’s not actually the room itself

with the stars on the ceiling or the swirls of the light or even sunlight that filters through the window and onto the wall in rainbow patches as the sun sets

that makes me feel understood

but the creating that went into it

the placement of pictures and posters

waking up to my favourite artists looking back at me, my favourite novels on my bedside table

it’s the concept of myself that lays only within these walls and within myself

the latter which is portable and always changing

the former which can always be reborn

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