Heicho's birthday (a oneshot) (Part one)
Heicho's birthday (a oneshot) (Part one)  attackontitan stories

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I stared at the new fallen snow on the ground, I could see my breath in the cold air. I rubbed my hands together to try and get some warmth through my fingertips. The weather had been dreary for the past few days. All missions had been halted due to the snow, so we had been at headquarters for several weeks now.

Heicho's birthday (a oneshot) (Part one)

I stared at the new fallen snow on the ground, I could see my breath in the cold air. I rubbed my hands together to try and get some warmth through my fingertips.

The weather had been dreary for the past few days. All missions had been halted due to the snow, so we had been at headquarters for several weeks now.

I gazed at the scenery going over what had to be done today when suddenly, I felt something cold and wet hit my cheek. I looked up to see... no one.

I scanned my surroundings trying to figure out what could have hit me. I did not see anything or anyone nearby.

I shrugged my shoulders and continued my trek down to the mess hall, when I felt another object hit the back of my head. I quickly whipped around and there was the culprit.

'Iris!' I yelled. I heard a giggle and I turned around to see her blond hair glimmering in the sunlight. I quickly started packing snow to make my own snowball and retaliated.

She stopped laughing as the snowball hit her in the face. She looked at me with surprise in her eyes and her smile quickly returned to her face.

I could not help but smile myself, her smile was contagious. I quickly bent over to pack another snowball, but before I could finish, I felt a force push me to the ground.

I looked up to see Iris, laughing and grabbing her sides. I began to laugh too. Iris was such a fun person to be around, she had become my best friend since our days in the training corps.

She offered me a hand up.

'I'm glad I found you,' Iris said breathlessly.

'What's up?' I asked curious.

'Well Commander Hange wanted to see us. Something about Captain Levi's birthday coming up...'

'Cappptaaiiinnn.... Leeevvviii'ssss bbbbiiirrrtthddayyy?' I stuttered out. I could feel the heat rising to my cheeks.

'Lex, are you ok? You are blushing. Ohh...that.' Iris grinned teasingly.

' Stop... Iris...' I mumbled turning more red.

'Well, what are you going to get for the Captain?' Iris asked. 'I mean it is HIS birthday afterall...'

'I hadn't thought about... I did not realize it was so soon.' I bowed my head feeling embarrassed that I did not know the Captain's birthday.

'Well, what does he like?' Iris asked.

'I know he likes black tea and collects tea leaves.' I replied.

'Let us see about getting permission to go to the city to get him a gift then! C'mon let's go see the Commander!' Iris said as she tugged on my arm.

And so, we trekked back to headquarters and headed to the Commander's office. When we arrived there the door was closed. We stopped in front of it and we could hear muffled talking.

Iris softly knocked on the door.

'Come in!' We heard a voice answer.

We walked in the office there was Commander Hange with rest of Levi Squad. Eren, Armin, Mikasa, Jean, Sasha, and Connie. They stared at us in surprise, and we stared back.

'Lexi, Iris, come in!' Said Hange. I looked around at the rest of the group. Armin and Eren both smiled friendly smiles at us, Mikasa just stared blankly.

Rest of the squad just looked at us curiously.

'What are they doing here Commander? They aren't part of Levi squad.' Jean asked impatiently.

'Yeah, they aren't part of our squad,' Connie chimed in.

I could feel the blush slowly rising to my cheeks again. What were we doing there? I wondered.

'They're here on my behalf because they have also assisted Captain Levi as per his request. They were also in the top 10 of their training corp group.' Hange replied smiling at us.

'Come in, sit.'

Iris walked in and grabbed my hand. I silently was dragged in behind her. Iris sat next to Eren and I sat next to Armin. I shyly glanced up at him and Armin just smiled back.

'We're glad to have you.' Armin said kindly.

'Thank you.' I replied quietly.

'Now, as some of you may or may not know Captain Levi's birthday is coming up. I've called you here for this meeting today so that we can plan a small get together for him.'

'Um Commander Hange, I don't think that's a good idea.' Eren interjected.

'Hm? Why not?' Hanged asked surprised.

'Its just that the captain doesn't really like parties.' Replied Eren.

'It is not a party; it is a small gathering. It is different.' Hange argued. 'So Eren, Mikasa and Armin, I'm putting you in charge of getting Captain Levi to the location.

Sasha, Connie, and Jean, I am putting you in charge of food. And Iris and Lexi, you will be coming with me to town to gather decorations for Captain Levi' Hange looked around at everyone smiling.

'Commander...I really don't think this is a good idea...' Eren mumbled.

'Oh come on, Shorty needs some fun in his life. And your assignments are an order.'

'So, we have permission to raid the food wares?' Asked Sasha.

'Yes, you have my permission to raid the food wares.' Hange replied looking bemused.

'Meat here I come!' Sasha yelled and ran out the door.

'Hold up potato girl! You can't eat all the meat before the party!' Jean yelled and ran after Sasha.

'You guys wait for me!' Connie said and ran after them. Hange laughed at the sight of them. Armin, Mikasa and Eren all stood up as well.

'We'd better think of a plan to get the captain to the party.' Armin said.

'Well, you're the best at coming up with strategies.' Eren grinned and knocked Armin on the shoulder. Mikasa followed along quietly, smiling slightly.

As the rest left out the door, I looked at Hange and they smiled at me.

'Let us go ladies!' Hange said and pushed us out the door. We prepared the horses, and we were on our way to town.

As we entered town, there was much more hustle and bustle then on a typical day. People were preparing for the holiday season, decorations being put up, all sort of food smells.

I looked around in awe at everything. Everyone seemed so cheerful this day, I was greeted everywhere I went.

Normally there was a bit of a cold attitude towards the scouts but today was different. We were greeted by many people; it was a nice change of attitude.

I walked around taking in all the sights and smells.

I wonder what sort of tea I should get for Captain Levi...I wonder what type he likes... I thought to myself.

"Lexi? Lexi? LEXI? Are you ok?' Iris asked in a concerned voice. I realized I had been lost in thought again and I realized my name was being said. I looked at Iris.

'Yeah, sorry I'm fine, was just wondering what all we should get for Captain Levi's party.' I replied.

'Let us go look around! Wait a minute where is Commander Hange?' Iris asked out loud. We both looked around and did not see them.

'I guess they went into a shop, you go on ahead Iris and find the Commander, I have a stop I need to make.' I spoke.

'You sure you'll be fine on your own? I do not want you getting lost like last time.'

I blushed bright red. The last time we came to town I had gotten lost and needed help from Iris finding my way back. Iris just chuckled her melodic laugh.

'I'm kidding Lex, calm down. We'll meet back here in say an hour?'

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