Is that so ?
Is that so ? fun stories
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nessybrown wattpad: Masami_kaneko .anime 💕kpop
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Just something random I wrote. I don't really know....

Is that so ?

by nessybrown

The road to another world was offered to me. Would I take up the offer? I don't know.

Skies were stained in striking colours. They brightened up the sky at sunset. The majenta reminding me of a strawberry taffy, making my mouth water.

This was the day I took up the offer. "Take me to your world", I whispered.

Was I just seeing things? The silhouette offered me a crazed grin. It felt as if a bubble in my chest were rising. Threatening to come out as laughter. It held my hand in its hold.

"Heh heh..." It started off as calm laughter "Nyahahahahaha~!", I felt as if I'd gone insane.

The world I knew had disappeared in puffs of majenta smoke.

Surely this is where I belong.

" Bye bye~"

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