An unknown journey
An unknown journey  humans stories
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An unknown journey

by Nessy Brown

'It's amazing is it not? What we humans have attempted and accomplished through multiple failures and successes.' The brunette haired boy thought in silence, watching the rocket take off.

'We have come so far from the small civilizations our ancestors had created.' The buildings loomed over the landscape, casting blackness onto whatever it could reach. 'But should we be...'

'Content?' He chuckled at humanity's naivety. 'Why have we not yet to give thanks to our roots in which we came from? To connect with nature on a deeper level and give our gratitude?'

Closing his eyes he imagined himself surrounded by forestry as he made his way accross a bridge.

But was brought to reality as his eyes opened. The scenery was calming as he watched across the waters towards the monstrous buildings. 'This is only a means of distracting us from th truth'

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