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A girl who doesn't know how to handle what's aimed at her.

Until wisdom gave her hope.

A beautiful soul

by nessybrown


You're вєαυтιfυℓ.

You're UGLΨ.

Two contradicting statements that seem to have been used on the same person.

She contemplated the two contradicting statements. Which was the truth? Which was a blatant lie?

"Can't someone tell me...!"

She laughed it off in the end. But deep down it was causing her to contradict her whole being.

'Who am I in truth? She tells me I'm a bitch but then he tells me I'm a sweet person. I just don't know...'

'All I know is that I want to be loved!' Tears brimmed her eyes as she thought.

'What does it really matter if others love you?' A voice spoke as her eyes shut, from an empty void.

Her eyes fluttered open at the sound. Searching about the room. Upon hearing no noise, she shut them once again.

'What does it matter!?' It said again, but with more urgency.


She gave into the voice.

She stayed quiet, thinking it better to listen to the voice. It came as a comfort.

Perfect imperfection

'You are a perfect imperfection' It's words felt like falling into cotton and warmth.

A smile graced her features. "I am a perfect imperfection..." Her voice trailed off.

'Your soul is what matters. The body is only what houses it.'

'Let no one break it.' 'Stay as you are'

'Stay as your perfect imperfection'

It went. She was left to meditate on what the words translated from darkness.

She stood up straight from her spot on the the floor with a newfound sense of duty.

"I will let no one break me. I will treat others in the way I wish to be treated...no matter the venomous treatment I am given"

She walked down the hall towards her class.

"I will make sure no one feels the way I felt."

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