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nessakemmer Just a another girl.
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Don't listen to the shadows.


There was once a time everything seemed effortless. Every breath felt worth it with you by my side. I cried, but you would always dry my eyes.

I felt safe and loved and cherished, but my shadows returned when you left. I felt so alone then. They whispered to me that you didn't love me. That you never would and I listened to them.

I pushed you away although you were all I had. All I wanted, all I still want. Then I realized the shadows had lied . You loved me. You were trying to save me. But I was too lost in the dark.

You grew tired of trying to save me and slowly faded away. Now I sit in the shadows and let others toy with my emotions. They try and say they love me but they only love my flesh and words.

They look at me like a prize, Like that's all that I'm worth. The shadows whisper in glee this is what you deserve. To be alone with us. To live in the shadow world.

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