No feeling at all
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nessakemmer Just a another girl.
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Sadness isn't depression.

No feeling at all

They ask you what you feel like.

What's triggered this sadness.

But you can not answer.

After all you do not know.

It isn't sadness though. You've felt that before.

You feel nothing now.

Not the satisfaction from playing music like you used to.

Not the fullness from eating food.

Not the warmth from hugging your loved ones.

Not the sadness the world passes on to you.

Your tears feel empty, your words feel empty and time as a long as it goes on, feels empty too.

So when they ask why you use the lighter as a stamp. It's easy to say.

I want to feel.

I want to feel it all.

But instead I feel nothing.

I don't even feel raw.

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