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Written a while ago..from "Z" to A.


I've never seen your face

But i'll never forget you.

I'll never forget the laughs we had

I'll never forget the good times or the bad

I'll never forget 2014's winter break

How meeting you was both a blessing and a mistake

Constant typing on our keyboards

Talking for hours without ever getting bored.

I'll always remember that we met in December

When I never thought we'd be a relationship I'd surrender

How we always had that "weird connection"

It's like almost every word you said was pulled from my brain

Describing how we look to each other, you with your "churro complexion"

Your personality was the face to your unforgettable name

How your screen name was Rosepetals and you didn't even like flowers

Reading each other's horoscope then talking about random shit for hours

I remember the first time we spoke from night to a new day

And you called me poetic because I talked about how the morning light seeped through my blinds

And how the word "beautiful" was something i'd always say

Now I realize, you are on my list of incredibly rare finds

And as dumb as it sounds, I let a rare gem go

Set in a different cave for someone else to get to know

I hope this someone else knows how to hold onto

And fall as deep in love

As I fell in with you

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