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nesha sharing things i write on some site
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about the climate

God's Sun

The sun lays her hands upon her land,

Who she feeds and carries as her own.

Her intent, never to harm, but to warm.

Upon every life, her gentle rays have shone.

She relies on the shielding hearts down below

Whispering to the ocean's waves of what we should know:

"The trees are aching under licks of fire,

Homes are melting and there's fading snow"

She tells nature to warn of the dire

Before it's too late for her children to know.

Running out of time and running out of patience

Cracked and dried land thirsts for water

Some children live in Hell on Earth, sick but not patients

Heaven being separated by a single border.

The so rich and so poor living in a world's divide

But destruction does not discriminate and will make their worlds collide.

The fire of ignorance will burn diamonds and dirt,

Until rich and poor pain will hurt the same hurt.

Greed has distorted the sun's love for Hell,

When the reality becomes worse than the Bible can tell.

The sloth has ridden the considerate care

Turned into wrath of what's suddenly unfair.

To envy the pride of those owning the world.

A glutton for more could end in its burning furl

Destruction ruled by lands scattered with money and lust.

Since the beginning of time,

In God, We Trust.

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