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nesha sharing things i write on some site
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Anxiety feels like


Anxiety feels like

An earthquake happening within the body and mind

A tremble of the hands, the legs, and the voice

All struggling to carry a weight all too heavy, all too loud, all too worried

Crumbling beneath the heaviness of over-thinking and wanting to leave

Wanting to not exist just for that moment because you’re afraid of the heart

Knocking at the chest. Of falling out, of falling down to pit of stomach

Ceasing the breath that continues the moment

That comes out in a ragged rhythm as if in pain of coming out at all

Pausing because the mind whispers “You cannot breathe so you should not talk”

“You cannot breathe so why should you walk”

So you collapse and it’s tough

Because the ground is cold and fighting against you like everything else

Fighting against you like your very own mind

Who fights against your very own body

And the Earth just keeps on shaking.

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