Our Ten Promises (Ereri)

      Our Ten Promises (Ereri) valentines-day-contest stories

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The ten promises Levi and I made

Our Ten Promises (Ereri)

1) Please stay with me as much as possible.

2) I really do try to follow your orders, so please refrain from pinching me. ;-;

3) Please trust me, just doing that makes me unbelievably happy.

4) Lets come back alive.

5) At times, please come talk with me.

6) Please treat me like a human. If you treat me like a monster, I don't think I can bear it.

7) I'll argue with you sometimes, but please hear me out.

8) If I lose control of my titan self, please be the one to kill me.

9) Please don't blame yourself.

10) As I die... I beg you to stay by my side...

and I beg you... please don't forget

that I

really love you

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