Never be afraid of the void.
Never be afraid of the void. sad stories

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Sometimes, the call is too strong to resist. Not all have the power to deny. Warnings for falling, drowning, and implied death.

Never be afraid of the void.

You stand at the edge of a great precipice, your toes dangling over the edge, l'appel du vide is loud in your ears. You want to answer it.

"Soon", you whisper. Though it sounds like a shout in your pounding head. You lean ever slightly forward and gaze over the edge.

It's beautiful, of course. Dark, rolling water. Angry, passionate. It seems like it ends where it begins, but you know it goes on forever. You taste salt on your tongue, and close your eyes, choosing only to listen.

The crash of waves against the rocks. Seagulls clamoring somewhere nearby. And a scream, loud, bloodcurdling.

You don't realize its your own until you feel the wind rushing past your face. You're took a wrong step, you're falling. The water is coming up fast.

You close your eyes again. You think it's better to not know when you'll hit. But you know, you know you were right. Its going to be soon.

Even sooner than you thought. You hit cold water, head first. It knocks the last bit of air in your lungs right out.

You struggle, its too dark in the water to figure out which way is up, but buoyancy helps. For a moment. You breach the water, but before you can take a breath, the waves crash over your head.

Your lungs burn, your vision is useless. The void screams in your ears. Its time. Its time. Let go. You do.

At first, it's painful. The cold burns its way through your body, but then its over, and the void welcomes you home like a long lost friend.

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