Fifteen Sips Of Alcoholism
Fifteen Sips Of Alcoholism drinking stories

nerdletech Mediocre at best
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Fifteen Sips Of Alcoholism

by nerdletech

One sip

It burns my tongue and the back of my throat

Two sips

Because one didn't effect me

Three sips

Because now I'm starting to feel better

Four sips

The burn doesn't go away Like hydrolic acid on iron

Five sips

Because now I've stopped feeling Or maybe it's that I've started

Six sips

They aren't really sips anymore Haven't been for a while They're more like mouth fulls rotting my teeth

Seven sips

My mind's like cotton I can't walk straight Can't even see straight

Eight sips

I forgot what made me take the first

Nine sips

Feeling dizzy Is that my stomach or my head I should drink some water

Ten sips

I should put the bottle down

Eleven sips

Everything's spinning

Twelve sips

Where am I Who did I just call Is that even a phone in my hand

Thirteen sips

I'm hovered over the toilet

Fourteen sips

There's a couch beneath me Or maybe it's the floor

Fifteen sips

I can't remember if I took another

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