Little Wall of Papers: Chapter 1
Little Wall of Papers: Chapter 1 dystopian stories

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this was a really short chapter, but enjoy!

Little Wall of Papers: Chapter 1

The white, shiny exterior of Crispin's school gleamed in the light of the sunrise. This would be the start of a new chapter. The start of his senior year, and the day of the Lottery.

A swarm of people was gathered in the main hall, buzzing about that day's events.

"Hey!" Someone put their hand on Crispin's shoulder. He whipped around. He sighed in relief as He recognized the familiar smiling face of his best friend since... forever, Ferris.

Crispin had met Ferris in sixth grade, on a random chat website. Crispin had been really bored that day, so he had pulled up one of those sites.

Ferris was the first person that he had been put with to talk, and they had hit it off. They became friends over a series of video games, and then Crispin had met the new kid at his school.

But, only after two whole weeks he realized that this was his online friend.

"Hey Ferris, are you scared for the Lottery?" His friend's smile dropped. Ferris looked at his feet and seemed to be thinking, hard.

"Yeah, b-but I'm pretty sure everyone is, right?" He turned towards the school. A banner that read 'HAPPY LOTTERY DAY!' was hung on the wall at the end of the main hall.

There was a tall podium with a microphone attached to it below the banner. People were sitting at the tables that were normally reserved for lunch, congregating about the situation.

Crispin looked up at Ferris, who seemed to be overthinking the whole situation.

"Well, I bet wherever you go if you're chosen in the Lottery isn't that bad, right?"

Ferris smiled, although he still had that anxious look on his face.

"Yeah." He walked through the school's doors, and into the main hall.

As Crispin followed him, he thought about what he'd said. He knew that place couldn't possibly be as bad as people made it out to be, right?

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