Crushed -Chapter 1
Crushed -Chapter 1 romcom stories

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Exaggerated Young Love ❤️

By: Nequila Lovelave

Crushed -Chapter 1

by Nequila Lovelave

Love at first sight maybe? One would ask as Michel almost tripped over his little brother's sandcastle, staring at the girl in hot pink suit.

He continued staring and she sta on her mat digging sand with her toes. After some time of mental warm ups he decided to make his move. "Hi, my name is..."

"You didnt have to be so creepy ...I dont bite you know?" She quickly interrupted. "..Michel" he finished with nervous smile on his face. "Katy, nice to meet you" she said offering a handshake.

Hesistantly, he sat next to her and started talking. "So, what class are you in?" "Ninth Grade"

And so it was. The conversation ranged from favorite topics to pet names. Until was time to part ways. "Katy! Lets Go." an adult voice shouted. She quickly got up "Well, i gotta go."

"Wait! Can i have your ..." "Bye!!!" Katy shouted running in the direction of the voice.

In total disappointment, Michel dropped his self on the wet sand- upset that that his initial goal wasnt achieved. He sourly went back to help his brother with the sandcastle until it was time to go home.

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