Through the keyhole....
Through the keyhole....  stuffed animals stories

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A door that leads to another world! Cool, right! Matilda definitely thinks so when she walks into The Toy Regulation Control Force headquarters. And meets some toys she will never forget!

Through the keyhole....

I layed my toys put in a neat formation on the windowsill then tucked them up with a fluffy blanket, '' there you go, '' I said kindly '' now you won't be cold. ''

'' MATILDA, '' My mother's voice cried from downstairs '' IT'S TIME TO GO! ''

I shut my door and hurried down the stairs, then on a second thought turned around and ran back to the door. I peeked through he keyhole, but the room beyong wasn't my room.

It was totally different, toys of all kinds were zooming around everywhere! Slowly and carefully, I opened the door.

Pinching myself to make sure I wasn't dreaming, I walked up to a greying, ancient looking bear that was sat near the fireplace.

'' hello? '' I said nervously, but the old bear didn't seem to hear me. '' Hello? '' I spoke a bit louder this time but still he didn't hear me.

3rd time lucky I whispered to myself, but before I could ask again a smaller koala popped up from behind one of the chairs.

'' Old barney won't hear you, '' the koala squeaked '' If you really need to speak to him fetch his ear trumpet.

'' I was taken aback by this, what was happening here? What happened to my room behind this same door?

'' Errrrrrr, excuse me Mr, '' I said as politely as I could to the ironically tiny koala toy in front of me '' But where am I? ''

'' Where are you? Can you not tell? '' Said the koala toy '' This is Toy Regulation Control Force headquarters, its TRC for short. '' He spoke the words with pride.

'' And ermmmmm who are you?

'' I asked slowly getting curiouser are curiouser, the koala replied but seemed a little angry that I did not know who he was, '' I am head Chief Law Force Manager, Dr. Swift at your service.

'' I was stunned, this world was so different yet so similar to my own.

Suddenly, I had an idea! My own toy, Freddie the bear, should be here! If I could just find him, I would be able to make some sense of everything!''Dr.

Swift, do you know a toy called Freddie?'' I asked, '' Yes of course Little miss! '' He said, obviously delighted to have something to do '' Follow me! '' At once Dr.

Swift set of at a rapid pace, I stumbled over toys and dolls trying to keep up. In the end of it, I had many scratches on my new tights because of the annoyed toys. '' Here, '' Dr.

Swift paused to catch his breath '' Freddie is! '' I looked and sure enough there was my small, fluffy, stripy Freddie! I walked over to him and perked on a stool next to him.

'' Freddie? '' I asked gently

'' Matilda! '' He didn't sound at all surprised at a human being at the TRC Headquarters, '' Knew you would find our world soon! ''

'' But how do I get out?'' I poured out my worries ''my mother will be worried.''

''don't worry!'' He said in a soothing voice '' When you are here, no time passes in the human world! '' I breathed a sigh of relief!

'' Oh, and just walk out the door and you will be in the human world! '' He added seeing the look on my face.

'' Thank you so much Freddie! '' I said thankfully '' I will visit soon! '' I lept over toys back to the door, and wrenched it open. Waving goodbye to Old Barney, Dr.

Swift and Freddie, I walked into our hallway. I looked down at myself, that was strange! My tights weren't ripped anymore, it was like it never happened at all.

The only thing was the thoughts printed upon the young girl's memory.

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