Why do i try?
Why do i try?  accuracy stories

nephilumchild Community member
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Life is a war and earth is the battle field. Then the peaceful meadow we call the forever sleep or death.

Why do i try?

I give no effert and i get good grades. I never try and still get away. I never tried to help. I try to give them space. I dont do good with crowds and so little space.

I have good accuratecy. And try to get some way. I never needed anyone to come and check my place. I know where i stand and i know not to pace. But sometimes i feel so out of place.

But im strong. More than you know. But even the strongest slip sometimes and i slip more than most but im me and you are you and i dont need to try to space myself from you. The line is there and i dony need.to draw it. It has been there since we were recruited. For this battlefield we call earth and the war we call life.

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