Why did i do it?
Why did i do it? time-travel-2018 stories

nephilumchild Community member
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Real story i did lose a person i cared about a couple of years ago and im still being torn apart everyday. I lose more people and more hope for the life i live each time.

Why did i do it?

The past is the guide lines for the future. Or is it?

I went back to save a friend from doing something that broke me apart. I went back to save a life and hopefully my courage.

When i went back i made it so he didnt walk down that street. To make sure he would wake to see the sun once more. But it didnt help.

He still isnt here. He is 6 feet down below. I have a saddened part if me seeing that i couldnt help. But behind the fake emotions. Is a dead walking ghost.

So i saw him at the funeral. In the coffin non-breathing. Non-blinking. Laying down on his back. His eyes were closed and mine watering up.

I lost a friend. A brother. A person that cared. But most of all i lost a bit of hope.

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