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Happiness left me, time immemorial. Left me with an inexplicable numbness, Just an emptiness to call my own.

I was desperate to feel something. And that is when it welcomed me; Caressed me like a mother, made me feel home.

Was it a person? Was it a place? It was depression. A name well heard of, a name I never thought would become home.

Depression. Is it a person? A place? It is a monster. It trapped me when I was vulnerable.

I was told only love could save me. Love. Is it a person? Is it a place? I searched for it.

I was illusioned that I found it. I thought that I found it in a person, a person that wasn't me. It felt like the panacea to all my problems.

It became an addiction, like a drug. A drug that helped me escape, Helped me escape the monster.

But depression was stronger. It pushed love away, Leaving me an addict.

Depression. Is it a person? A place? I guess I know now, know why it never left. It never left because it is me.

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