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neolific yo im 15 and i like writing
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CHAPTER 1 - BLACK HAIRED GIRL "Mel, I'm already here. Just let me in, you doormat," a voice boomed.

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"Mel, I'm already here. Just let me in, you doormat," a voice boomed.

"I'm coming, I'm coming. Stop being so immature. You're 15 now." a high-pitched voice who seemed to be Mel said.

The door unlocked with a click and a small red-headed girl popped her head through the doorway.

She was no older than eight or nine, but she had a mature look on her face which made her seem much older. A tall, slim girl broke out in a smile.

Her straight black hair fell down to her waist and her emerald green eyes gleamed in the sharp rays of the now rising sun.

"Hey Mel," the girl said, looking tired but happy.

"I missed you," Mel - the small red-headed girl - replied.

Mel opened the door and reached out, "Do you need any help?" she asked, looking as if she didn't want to help but was forced to ask.

The tall black-haired girl broke out into a small laugh.

"No, it's okay. You can go back but tell Mrs. Rio that I don't need dinner for today,"

Mel grabbed a small stuffed animal from the floor and ran away screaming okay as she left. The black-haired girl sighed.

She lifted her suitcases and walked through the doorway and into the hall, taking in the sight in front of her.

The rising sun had cast a beautiful glow on the white walls, making the house look like a cottage from a fairy tail.

Suddenly, a fat, crinkly old lady walked in. As soon as she saw the girl, her face broke out into a huge scowl.

"Why are you back?" she asked, her toothless mouth spitting all over the place.

The black-haired girl looked calm. She put on a professional smile and replied, "I will leave in two months Mrs. Rio.

I'm just staying over summer break so I can be prepared for the new school year," she replied in a mocking tone.

The old lady, oblivious to the sarcastic remark, frowned. But instead of dragging it on, she shook her head and walked out of the hall.

The black-haired girl grabbed her luggage and trudged up the The black-haired girl grabbed her luggage and trudged up the stairs.

Her muddy shoes left tracks all over the wooden floor but instead of cleaning it up, she chuckled. That old hag is gonna be damn pissed, she thought.

After she finished climbing the last flight of stairs, she turned right and stood in front of a white door with a small sign on it reading "Don't open this door unless you wanna get stepped on.

" She opened the door and looked inside. It was empty except for a small white bed and a broken wooden drawer. She sighed, looking at the boring excuse of a room in front of her.

It's okay, she thought, it's only for a few months anyway. She parked her suitcases next to the drawer and flopped onto the bed .

While she sat in silence, her mind wandered back and forth, past and present, calm yet excited. She closed her bright green eyes and combed her wispy bangs out of her face. She had no dreams.

Her mind was empty with bliss, yet waiting for what was to come.


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