The Not-So-Simple Concept of Love
The Not-So-Simple Concept of Love love stories

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What is love? A question that no one seems to have a definitive answer for.

The Not-So-Simple Concept of Love

What is love?

A question that no one seems to have a definitive answer for.

One may say to love is to especially desire someone,

While another disagrees, claiming, "No, love is any feeling of great affection."

Both are right in their own way,

And yet they are wrong, as no one agreement has been made.

If no one can agree, then how are we to know what it is?

Scientifically speaking, love is the feeling of a rush of dopamine in the mind that leaves you feeling good.

But feeling "good" is vague.

"Good" does not begin to describe the emotions you can develop for someone.

These feelings are the root of the dilemma of what love is,

Individual to each person.

Love also comes in many different forms.

Does this change the meaning?

Or perhaps expand it?

Can the love a mother has for her child be considered the same as the rush of passion experienced by a couple that is romantically involved?

Perhaps love is a general term used to describe the sense of happiness you get from spending time with someone.

Or maybe any time you put someone else's needs before your own.

What people can agree on is that love is a beautiful thing,

Living, breathing, swallowing people up in heat and comfort.

Everyone desires to know it in their lifetime.

Those that do should consider themselves lucky to experience such intimacy.

I would like to think that I know what love is.

Well, less what it is and more how it feels.

To me, it is a warmth when you are with someone,

It never fading or diminishing.

A feeling of security in their arms, and a fierce desire to protect them from any harm.

Looking into their eyes and feeling as if they are the best thing that ever happened to you.

A willingness to make a sacrifice,

Whether it be small or large.

Feeling this great, positive agitation fill you up, almost choking you with joy.

And passion, something far greater than lust.

Sensation, desire, longing, yearning to be close to them,

Connected in some way.

A simple, soft kiss to the lips...

Leading to much more ;)

Wanting to please them, do anything to make them feel as good as you do in and out of the moment.

To make them know just how much you love them.

Knowing they feel the same.

I am not old and gray, still only a child in the long scheme of things.

But if any of these ideas showcase what love truly means,

Perhaps it is not a difficult idea to understand after all,

And I am thankful to know it.

And can say with absolute certainty that,

I love you.

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